Yukinko Akira - Rhythm Painter

Yukinko is a very talented artist, I have seen in Tokyo. He popularize himself as a rhythm painter, which means he paints based on the music beats! isnt that interesting?, he custom made a special portable DJ player.

A picture of him dancing and painting an artwork

Isnt that cool and unique???, I google about it, and he is the first person in the world who does this!!!

He will use pen knife to cut and makes shape before he applied color spray on to the drawings. What makes it exciting is, he is dancing based on the music beats and simultaneously cutting the paper with pen knife!

Yukinko will dance continuously and paints at the same time, You could see so tiring after completing an artwork! Here is a nice video I found in Vimeo, documenting about his artwork!

Yukinko Akira ユキンコアキラ from Matthieu Delattre on Vimeo.

He draws a beautiful flower and gives it to one of his audience as a birthday gift! that is so sweet of him!!!

If you are lucky, you can catch him in Yoyogi park during the weekend! he not always there, as he travels around the world to showcase his talent!

You can check him out in his official website:

Yukinko Akira : Official website