Why Musk melon is so expensive in Japan???

Musk melon is the most expensive fruit in Japan, and in the world!!!

A good quality musk melon sold in a well known fruit retailer in Japan such as Takano and Sembikiya can easily cost more than 10,000 yen (100 USD) Yes, 100 USD for a small melon, isnt this is the most expensive fruit in the world!!! Let me know, if you know any fruit which costs more!!!

Even the cheapest musk melon will cost > 3000 yen (30 USD)

Even though, musk melon costs so much, but every penny you spent on this fruit is worth it! Trust me! worth it! It is the most tasty fruit I ever had! It is so juicy and sweet! The taste of melon will get you to crave more of it! 

I have decided to research more on musk melon, why it costs so much and I went to a musk melon farm in Shizuoka, which supplies most of the musk melons to Tokyo. The farm is located in the rural area of Shizuoka, it took us 2 hours to get there from Shizuoka station! But, the long journey is rewarded with beautiful country side view! Growing paddy farm!!!

There is a small patch of green tea near the farm, and this old otto-san (uncle) is harvesting the green tea leaf using a machine.

Also a cute cute girl!!! KawaiiI!!!

We are in the farm, and there is a chart that provides information on how musk melon is planted. There are 9 steps before the melon is ready to sell!

Step 1: Preparation of seeds and soils, and it is important to keep the musk melon at the optimum temperature and humid. The entire farm is encapsulated in a green house, with humidity and temperature regulated. It is slightly warm inside the greenhouse to keep the musk melon grow healthily.

Step 2: When the seed starts to grow, each of it will be planted along the terrace

Step 3: It starts to grow, during this stage, the musk melon is vulnerable to pesticide and disease attack

Step 5: The baby musk melon appears, the farmer will remove the extra melons and keep the precious melon right below the plant. They kept only a single melon for each plant, so all the nutrient and sweetness will accumulated on it! that what makes the melon so sweet and juicy!

Step 6: The melon starts to grow bigger, and the farmer will wrap it with some shield to protect the outer layer of the melon

Step 7: Waiting for the right time, before the melon is harvested

Step 8: Musk melon is now ready to eat!
On the left, 1/4 slice of the melon, and it costs 800 yen!!! (8 USD) and on the right is musk melon parfait, it contains slices of melon, melon sherbet and ice cream! It is so tasty, we cant stop craving for it!

If you notice, the texture of the melon doesnt look good, the melon looks too ripped! But, it is not! According to the farmer, this is the right time to eat the melon, at this time, the melon contains the most juice and it is at the sweetest. Next time, dont get fooled by it, trust me, once you ate it, you cant stop craving for more! :)

Delicious melon parfait

Interesting fact about the melon is at the bottom part, if you chew it, you will be rewarded with sweet flavor of melon. It is the sweetest part of the melon because of all the sweet are accumulated at the bottom, when the fruit is growing due to gravity. If you chew at the top, there is not much taste! isnt that interesting! try it next time!

This is the beautiful and naturally decorated cafe owned by the musk melon farm!

This is the only melon farm available for public, but everything is in Japaneses and it is quite secluded! You can check out this musk melon farm in the link below: