Shibazakura in Chichibu

Shibazakura is a Japanese word for moss, and it has varieties of species with various colors, the popular and often seen in Japan is pink, white and purple moss. These moss will bloom in spring,  it will fills the land with beautiful colors.

There are many shibazakura spots near Tokyo, but today I am going to show you Chichibu, which is north of Tokyo.

A scenic view in Chichibu with shibazakuras

Getting there
You can get there from Ueno station, using the JR lines, it takes about 2 hours. Along the journey, you can see rural areas of Tokyo and as you get closer to Chichibu, greens and mountains are abundance. The trip to Chichibu is more beautiful during the autumn, when the trees start to change color!!

A beautiful heart shaped decorated with different colors of shibazakura.

Expect a lot of people in the park, especially when shibazakura is at the peak!. People are walking leisurely and enjoying the nature.

The shibazakura is so well planted. Everything is arranged precisely to give the best contrast and design to the people.

A close up of a purple shibazakura, I found this picture lovely, because the shibazakura is starting to wilt, but the greens leaf are growing tall and stronger! A big contrast of life!

and another shot with different colors of shibazakura, pink, white and purple! People are busy snapping pictures and doing hanami too!

Not to miss out in Chichibu is their famous buta-don (roast pork rice). This is the best buta-don, I had in Japan! The pork is perfectly barbecue and smoked with thick and delicious miso sauce! The meat is so juicy and tender, especially the burn fat, it is so crisy and yummy!!!

The portion is huge but you will never stop craving for it!

It is a small shop, and this is the store front, expect a long queue for it! I waited almost 2 hours to eat this tasty meal, and you should come here early, else they might sold out their buta-don!

You can check the store below: map

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