Morning Exercise

Morning exercise is a norm in every country, but what makes Japan morning exercise unique is everyone has the same dance! 

A morning view of people exercising in Warabi park.Notice, everyone has the same exercise movement!


Shinjuku - Flea Market

Flea market is not so popular in Tokyo, rarely you are able to find them. But, there is one big flea market in Shinjuku, just in front of the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building in Shinjuku Central Park.

The flea market operate every Sunday, and they are huge variety of items sold, ranging from second hand cloth, antiques, collectible items and cute cute stuff for girls! It is very busy and crowded.with family and students. You can see lots of cute little girl running around and young girls hunting for a good bargains!

Shinjuku flea market

Yukinko Akira - Rhythm Painter

Yukinko is a very talented artist, I have seen in Tokyo. He popularize himself as a rhythm painter, which means he paints based on the music beats! isnt that interesting?, he custom made a special portable DJ player.

A picture of him dancing and painting an artwork

Sakura in Myogadani

This is another beautiful sakura spot which is not popular for tourists, only the local will know this place well!!! 

Myogadani is just 2 stops from Ikebukuro station. You can take Marunochi Metro line and alight in Myogadani station, it is only 5 mins from Ikebukuro station. Once, you got into Myogadani, the park is just few minutes walk from the station. There are many universities and small corporation in this area.


A lot of people are doing "hanami" (picnic) during lunch time!

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Nokogiriyama is located in Chiba, Japan which is about 1 hour train ride from Tokyo station. This is another hidden treasure in Japan, which doesnt get much publicity. It has wonderful view and amazingly rich history in this place!

We took a local train ride from Tokyo station to go to Nokogiri-yama, it took us 2 hours to get there! the train ride is long, but the view along the way is amazing.

An old train station


I took this tulip in Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan last year during spring!

Beautiful tulip in Hitachi seaside park

Car virtual girlfriend iOS app

This is an interesting iOS application currently developing in Tokyo, Japan.

It is known as 助手席カノジョ (Virtual girlfriend)

It collects CAN data from car using a OBDII connector and the data will be sent to the cloud. CAN (Controller Area Network) data provides car information such as speed, steering angle, engine RPM and etc.

The virtual passenger girlfriend will react based on the CAN data. If the driver drives very fast, the virtual passenger will scream to alert the driver to slow down!


Last weekend, went for a hike in Sakura-yama (Sakura mountain) in Okutama. It was 2 hours train ride from Shinjuku station with few transits. It was a long journey with beautiful country side view along the train track.

Kawaii girl at Okutama

A picture we took when we are descending from the sakura-yama. The trail is beautiful with many sakura trees along the way! and now she is gone in the picture! isnt this beautiful??? peaceful!

Beautiful sakura Okutama

Near the sakura-yama, there is a huge reservoir which provides water source for the Tokyo people. It is known as the Okutama water reservoir.

Huge water source for Tokyo

Huge water reservoir

Having a break at the top of the sakura-yama, with a beautiful view overlooking the dam and sakura trees!

At the reservoir dam

Walking at the dam wall, on my left is filled with water but on my right it is deep down valley (maybe is 30m in depth)

Okutama station is pretty old, and the station decorated with old movie posters inside the station

Retro style train station

Interesting video about Japan culture

If you ever wanted to know more about the exotic activities happening in Japan, check out this Youtube channel, they have all sorts of interesting videos about Japan culture!

and it is in English! :)

Shinjuku Park

Here are the pictures I took during my hanami (picnic) last week in Shinjuku Gyoen (park) in Tokyo, Japan. There are so many sakura tress of various species and also thousands of people gather in the park and to enjoy the beauty of sakuras!

This is one of the best season to visit Tokyo, Japan - beginning of April, when the sakura blooms and decorate the dull cityscape of Tokyo, with beautiful flower petals!

pink sakura

people inside the park

big tree full of pink sakura

Macro view of sakura

White and pink sakura

white and pink sakura

baby sakura

Scenic view of the park


Spring is here in Tokyo, Japan and the temperature is getting warmer!
Last week, Tokyo is encapsulated with beautiful sakura of various species. 
I took a picture of a sakura in Shinjuku Park, when I was having a 'hanami' (picnic)!

Purple sakura in Shinjuku Park

Tokyo Ramen

I am currently developing a website about the top, delicious and special ramen that you can be found only in Tokyo, Japan.

You can check out this website here

I am expecting to launch this website beginning of May! so stay tune!