Sakura in Myogadani

This is another beautiful sakura spot which is not popular for tourists, only the local will know this place well!!! 

Myogadani is just 2 stops from Ikebukuro station. You can take Marunochi Metro line and alight in Myogadani station, it is only 5 mins from Ikebukuro station. Once, you got into Myogadani, the park is just few minutes walk from the station. There are many universities and small corporation in this area.


A lot of people are doing "hanami" (picnic) during lunch time!

 What makes this sakura spot unique is the park is situated in between the road. There are more than 10,000 sakuras. But, there are mostly white color species. This is the entrance to the park.

front door

A close up shot of a beautiful sakura flower.


Sakuras trees are planted in the park and the roadside too. When the sakura blooms, the entire street feels like being covered with cotton candy and when the breeze blows, the tiny and gentle sakura pedal starts to fall off creating a snow like effect. It feels so comfortable and relaxing.

view of sakura park

A cute little girl is playing near the river stream and their parents are busy chatting or eating. What a relaxing life!

little girl playing at the river

A shot from the roadside.


This place is definitely worth visiting, if you are seeking for new adventure in Tokyo! 

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