Shinjuku - Flea Market

Flea market is not so popular in Tokyo, rarely you are able to find them. But, there is one big flea market in Shinjuku, just in front of the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building in Shinjuku Central Park.

The flea market operate every Sunday, and they are huge variety of items sold, ranging from second hand cloth, antiques, collectible items and cute cute stuff for girls! It is very busy and crowded.with family and students. You can see lots of cute little girl running around and young girls hunting for a good bargains!

Shinjuku flea market

There are many stalls selling their stuff, usually the seller are young couples trying to get rid of their old possessions, try to get a good bargain from them!


The majestic Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building, a center for all the administrative works in Tokyo.

tokyo government building

Busy, busy and crowded with people!


The flea market is located in front of "Niagara Falls" a water fountain located inside the park

central park

Check out this place, if you want to know about the locals lifestyle!

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