Train curry cafe - Niagara Curry

Japan is home of all the special and exotic cafes serving niche clients with special interests. Niagara curry cafe is one of them and it is a train theme cafe. Below is a picture of the cafe, with lots of trains props decorations.

Host in Shinjuku earning > 30,000 USD a month!!!

In Japan, there are host and hostess clubs. Hostess clubs are pretty girls serving rich guys and host club are cool and handsome looking guys serving womans!

There are many host clubs in Japan, but Kabukicho in Shinjuku, is the hub of all the famous and popular host clubs. The job of a host is simple, they just chat and make their clients to be happy. Most of their clients are rich young working lady, and it costs a fortune to hire these hosts to make you happy. There is strictly no hanky-panky involve, but purely chatting. 

This is a very nice documentary from Vice Japan which you can get most information of being a host, you can check the video below that tells the life of a number 1 host in Japan - Naoki from Fantasy Group in Kabukicho!

The video is in Japanese, but you can enable the English subtitle in the Youtube player!!!

Why Musk melon is so expensive in Japan???

Musk melon is the most expensive fruit in Japan, and in the world!!!

A good quality musk melon sold in a well known fruit retailer in Japan such as Takano and Sembikiya can easily cost more than 10,000 yen (100 USD) Yes, 100 USD for a small melon, isnt this is the most expensive fruit in the world!!! Let me know, if you know any fruit which costs more!!!

Even the cheapest musk melon will cost > 3000 yen (30 USD)

Shibazakura in Chichibu

Shibazakura is a Japanese word for moss, and it has varieties of species with various colors, the popular and often seen in Japan is pink, white and purple moss. These moss will bloom in spring,  it will fills the land with beautiful colors.

There are many shibazakura spots near Tokyo, but today I am going to show you Chichibu, which is north of Tokyo.

A scenic view in Chichibu with shibazakuras

Morning Exercise

Morning exercise is a norm in every country, but what makes Japan morning exercise unique is everyone has the same dance! 

A morning view of people exercising in Warabi park.Notice, everyone has the same exercise movement!