Nokogiriyama is located in Chiba, Japan which is about 1 hour train ride from Tokyo station. This is another hidden treasure in Japan, which doesnt get much publicity. It has wonderful view and amazingly rich history in this place!

We took a local train ride from Tokyo station to go to Nokogiri-yama, it took us 2 hours to get there! the train ride is long, but the view along the way is amazing.

An old train station

This is an old train station, surrounded with greens. By the way, Nokogiri-yama means see-saw shapes mountain.

A small fishing boat in a fishing village

We arrived to Nokogiri-yama, as it is located near the coastal area. We passed by a fishing village. This is a small fishing boat dock at the village.

 We took a ropeway to the peak of Nokogiri-yama, and the view is fabulous.

A deep ravine

The cliff is very steep and it is surrounded with dense forests. The cliff stiffness is man-made, long time ago, there are many quarry workers and monks stay at this place. They carve the mountain into this shape.
A huge Buddha statue

Most of the monks are Buddhism, they make huge Buddha statues.

A protruding edge

Nokogori-yama is famous for this spot, the protruding area of the cliff. Below the protruding edge, it is few hundreds meter deep below.

Dense forest below the edge

 And this picture is taken right below the edge. It looks like Broccoli vegetable to me!

View from the peak

Beautiful panoramic pictures at the peak, which gives Kanto area visibility during clear day! 

Another side view at the peak

This is another side of the peak

Tallest Buddha statue in Japan

There are many Buddha statues on the mountain peak, and this is one of the tallest statue in Japan.

Nokogiri-yama is amazing and definitely one of the underrated spots in Japan! If you do have time, and bored with all the norms in Tokyo, tried out this area! 

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