Last weekend, went for a hike in Sakura-yama (Sakura mountain) in Okutama. It was 2 hours train ride from Shinjuku station with few transits. It was a long journey with beautiful country side view along the train track.

Kawaii girl at Okutama

A picture we took when we are descending from the sakura-yama. The trail is beautiful with many sakura trees along the way! and now she is gone in the picture! isnt this beautiful??? peaceful!

Beautiful sakura Okutama

Near the sakura-yama, there is a huge reservoir which provides water source for the Tokyo people. It is known as the Okutama water reservoir.

Huge water source for Tokyo

Huge water reservoir

Having a break at the top of the sakura-yama, with a beautiful view overlooking the dam and sakura trees!

At the reservoir dam

Walking at the dam wall, on my left is filled with water but on my right it is deep down valley (maybe is 30m in depth)

Okutama station is pretty old, and the station decorated with old movie posters inside the station

Retro style train station

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