Small vs Big company!

I am currently working in a middle sized company which has >20 employees in Tokyo and half of my engineering department are "gaijins"!

So, what is a small company in Japan? those with <10 employees and those big company are >1000 employees! There are many MNCs (multi national company) in Japan such as Sony, Panasonics, Toyota and etc, they hired hundreds of thousands employees!

This is how company size is categorised purely based on the number of employees the company hired!

But, the most crucial point is most of the MNCs in Japan has way better working welfares compare to small company! Employee usually received better medical welfare, various allowances such as subsidized computer purchase (Rakuten), free meal (GREE), language training and Japanese culture adaptation (Toshiba), discounted rental (usually 60% cheaper than normal price - Asahi Glass) and the most important of all! the bonus! usually Japanese company will pay bonus twice a year - winter and summer bonus! for big company, their employee could get up to 5 months of bonus a year(Asahi Glass)!!! that hell lot of money!

However, there is a surprising fact that both actually pay almost the same starting salary for their staff! in fact smaller company pays slightly higher compare to the big company! the range of starting pay for engineer is > 210,000 yen!

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