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If you looking for a job in Japan, you can try to be a English teacher!

Teaching English is one of the most popular job for foreigners in Japan. I have many friends from the Western countries work as a English teacher in primary school or language school! English teacher is the easiest way for you to come into Japan. If the language school is interested at you, they will sponsor your visa to allow you to stay in Japan for few years! and most of the language school do not require you to have Japanese! 

You can check the list of English school below:

Nova is one of the biggest language school in Tokyo, they have advertisement in every train cabin! 

The average salary for English teacher is from 220,000 to 250,000 yen. It depends on which level you are teaching. If you are teaching the older students, you will get more! In addition, you can give private lessons and you can earn more! An average you can charge is 2000 yen per hour!

Is that salary enough for you to survive in Japan??? What is the working culture in Japan??? Stay tune! I will tell you more on my next update! :)

I am a mechanical engineer graduate specializing in mechatronics. I am currently working as a robotics engineer in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. To my surprise, Japanese companies are eagerly hiring foreigners! I always thought that Japanese is very closed corporate culture! But, now they are trying to shed off this image. The government is relaxing the rules, making the immigration process much easier and convenient for gaijin!

My company is the only commercial robotics company in Japan, you can google it and I am sure you can find it easily! The good news is my company is actively hiring foreign engineers! 

Furthermore, there are few job portals that you can look out for. If you are fresh graduate, you can try the link below:

or you can try the link below, but this is mostly language career

Starting engineering career in Japan don't pay well, the average salary is from 190,000 yen to 230,000 yen per month before tax. Besides, the net take home pay is about 80% of your base salary! But, Japanese company is known for their good bonus! If you are working in big company you can get about 5 months bonus per year! and bonus is paid twice a year! I will address those in the future post, stay tuned! :D

and again most of the starting career in Japan does not require you to know Japanese. This is my biggest surprise to me! So, do not let language as barrier for you to come here! Try to apply and woola you might land a job here! However, I strongly advised you to learn Japanese beforehand because most of the Japanese are really bad in English!, they usually cant speak but they are able to listen to you!

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